Young Leaders' Summit on Northern Climate Change


Climate Action Links

Eager to learn more about climate change, international solutions and what you can do? Check out the following links for more information.

Climate Change: Science and Solutions

David Suzuki Foundation

Climate Change in the North

Arctic Climate Impact Assessment

Arctic Climate Impact Science: An update since ACIA

Arctic Change: A Near-Realtime Arctic Change Indicator Website

Northern Climate Exchange
A clearinghouse of climate change information for Northern Canada.

Climate Change and Youth


Climate Change Youth Guide to Action and resource centre.

Canadian Youth Delegation to Poznań
The Canadian Youth Delegation included over 30 incredible young Canadians, including two leaders from the North, who participated in the UN climate talks in Poznań, Poland last December. Click on the link above to learn about their story and keep an eye out for their upcoming report.

To a growing number of scientists, 350 parts-per-million is the safe concentration of carbon dioxide (the main greenhouse gas) in our atmosphere. To many youth around the world, it is more-it is a symbol of the urgent action needed to save the planet and protect the world's most vulnerable people and communities. Check it out!

Summit Organizers

Arctic Athabaskan Council

Climate Action Network Canada

Ecology North

Gwich'in Council International

The Pembina Institute